Types of Rezonings:

  • County Initiated rezoning typically occurs after a new land use plan is adopted or in response to a major policy change.
  • Individual Request rezoning is typically part of a proposal to develop one or more parcels of land.


Rezoning proposals may be initiated by the planning director or through a directive to the planning director from the Board of Commissioners.

Rezoning may also be initiated by an owner of property in Wake County through submittal of a rezoning petition through the Permit Portal. Anyone seeking a rezoning is strongly encouraged to contact planning staff prior to applying. Proposals to rezone land to a conditional use district may be initiated only by the owner(s) of the land.

Rezoning Petition Form

Rezoning Fees

​Modify a Zoning district           ​$1,000

Modify a previously approved rezoning          ​$1,000

County staff may require a traffic impact analysis. If so, additional fees may be required.


Staff Review

The rezoning request is reviewed for consistency with the Land Use Plan and in relation to other public interest issues. A Land Use Plan Amendment may be required. Planning staff will post notice of the petition/proposal at the site and mail the owners of properties adjoining the site notice of the proposed rezoning and the upcoming Planning Board meeting at which it is expected to be reviewed.


Planning Board Review

The Planning Board hears presentations of the staff report, comments from the petitioner and comments from other interested parties. The Planning Board then discusses the petition/proposal and decides to recommend its approval or denial.


Board of Commissioner Action

Properties adjoining the site will receive a letter about the upcoming Board of Commissioners meeting and instructions on how to comment. A notice of the public hearing is also published in the local newspaper.

Rezoning meeting materials are published on the county website or may be obtained by calling the Planning office.