Subdivision Appeals

Wake County’s Unified Development Ordinance offers an appeal process for an interested party to appeal a decision related to the interpretation or application of subdivision regulations.

Subdivision Appeal Process



The person appealing the decision (appellant) has 30 days to submit their appeal in writing to the Planning Director and the Land Development Administrator through the Permit Portal. Complete the Appeal Supplemental Form.



Once a hearing before the Planning Board has been set, Subdivision Administration staff sends notice of the appeal and hearing to the appellant and any other interested parties to the decision being appealed, then compiles a record of the decision being appealed.

Subdivision Administration staff will publish a notice in the local newspaper about the upcoming Planning Board meeting at which the case will be heard.


Planning Board Hearing

The Planning Board will consider evidence presented by the appellant and any other comments submitted by interested parties. The appellant bears the burden of presenting sufficient factual evidence to support findings of fact that allow the Board to decide in favor of the appeal.