Regular Subdivisions

Regular subdivisions go through a three-step review and approval process. We strongly recommend anyone seeking approval of a regular subdivision first contact Subdivision Administration staff, who will explain the review process and applicable requirements and standards.

What is a subdivision?

site plan showing residential lots
Subdivision is any division of land

What is a subdivision?

The term "subdivision" generally refers to any division of a parcel of land for the purpose of sale or building development (whether such sale or development is immediate or future).

Regular subdivision three-step process:


Preliminary Plan Approval

Planning Director or Planning Board approve a preliminary plan showing the proposed general design of lots, roads, utilities, open space, etc.

Preliminary Subdivision Plan Checklist

Preliminary Subdivision plat review fee is $1000, payable when the application is submitted.

Traffic Impact Analysis fee, if applicable, is $1000.


Construction Plat Approval

Subdivision Administration staff approve a detailed construction plat for the associated development.

For Construction Plan Checklist, Contact Watershed Management

Subdivision construction plan review fee is $275, payable when the application is submitted. Applicable Watershed Management fees will apply upon review of the construction plan.


Final Plan Recordation

Subdivision Administration staff approve a record plat showing the final layout of lots, open space, parcels, rights-of-way and easements.

Final Plat Checklist

Final plat review fee is $600, payable when the application is submitted.