Resources for Veterinarians

Veterinarian operating

Local veterinarians play a key role in achieving a humane community. 

Our veterinary team is here to answer any questions that local practitioners may have regarding the shelter's veterinary program and practices.  Contact information can be found on our Management Team page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit my Rabies Paperwork as outlined in G.S. 130A-189?

Rabies vaccination paperwork must be submitted electronically to: As of July 1, 2021, the Wake County Animal Center will no longer be accepting paper submissions. 

Can I purchase rabies tags or certificates from the WCAC?

No. We do not sell rabies tags or certificates. Rabies tags can be obtained from the North Carolina Department of Public Health: Veterinary Public Health.  Their information can be found at

Information on Bite Quarantine for animals

According to NC G.S. 130A-196, when an animal required to be vaccinated (dog, cat, ferret) bites a person, the animal shall be immediately confined for 10 days.  In Wake County, there are five Animal Control Units - City of Raleigh, Town of Holly Springs, Town of Garner, Town of Cary and Wake County Animal Control.  If an owner/animal resides outside of the City limits of Raleigh, and town limits of Cary, Garner and Holly Springs, they will be under the jurisdiction of Wake County Animal Control.  The section in the Wake County Animal Control Ordinance regarding confinement of biting animals is outlined in § 91.34 Report and Confinement of Animals biting Persons or Showing Symptoms of Rabies.