Permits for Licensed Professionals

Engineered Option Permit

A professional engineer may, at the direction of the owner of a proposed wastewater system, prepare signed and sealed drawings, specifications, plans and reports for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the wastewater system in accordance with state and local rules. Environmental Services does not conduct any additional review. The engineer is responsible for all design modifications, changes and inspections associated with this permit option. 

Licensed Soil Scientist (LSS) COVID-19 Permit Option

Session Law 2020-3, An Act To Provide Aid To North Carolinians In Response To The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Crisis, provides the option for a Licensed Soil Scientist (LSS) to design and submit plans for a septic system that meets all state and local rules with no additional review from Environmental Services. The LSS is responsible for all site and soil evaluations, system design requirements and inspections associated with this permitting option. This permit option is available until August 1, 2020. For additional information, including required Alternative Sewage Disposal System Maintenance Schedule (ASDSMS) forms, please see links below: