School Recycling

What Is Feed the Bin?

Feed the Bin is a recycling collection program funded by Wake County Solid Waste Management Division. The Division provides free, weekly pickup to Wake County Public School System sites and select charter schools within Wake County. Volunteer coordinators work with students, staff and faculty to organize collection within their school. Environmental educators from the Solid Waste Division provide signage and promotional items to reinforce recycling, and offer presentations and field trips upon request. 

Recycling Data

Sonoco Recycling has collected 262.7 tons of paper, metal cans and plastic bottles from 203 schools since July 13, 2022. Together those recyclable materials weigh approximately as much as 14 school buses! The Wake County Solid Waste Management Division appreciates all the students, teachers, custodians, cafeteria employees and administrators are making recycling collection possible this school year.  

Presentations and Field Trips

The Wake County Solid Waste Management Division offers free presentations to educate K-12 students about composting, landfills, recycling, and solid waste prevention. In addition to hands-on, in-person presentations, the Division's outreach group leads virtual presentations that are designed for learners in grades 6 - 12. Email the outreach team at to request a presentation.  

Virtual Tour of Recycling Sorting Center

Virtual Recycling Center Tour
Virtual Tour of Sonoco Recycling
Watch this video of what happens to mixed recycling

See how materials collected from Feed the Bin schools are sorted at Sonoco Recycling. Schools may also request in-person tours of Sonoco Recycling's material recovery facility in Raleigh. Tours must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance, and are not available on evenings or weekends. Email to request a tour. 

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