Landfill Tours

COVID-19 Update

In-person landfill tours are suspended until further notice. Virtual landfill tours are available, upon request.

Virtual Landfill Tours

Landfill Tour Program

Have you ever wondered what happens to your trash when it leaves the curb? Collection day is just the first day in a long life for your trash. Join staff on a virtual tour of the South Wake Landfill to find out how Wake County Waste Management Division safeguards the environment and public health by safely disposing of over 1.1 million people's garbage.

What To Expect

South Wake Landfill

Our virtual tour is environmental educator led. The tour lasts 45 minutes and encourages participants to think about their impact on the local environment and provides useful information on how to reduce waste. Virtual tours use Microsoft Teams to meet. If your organization hosts their own online meetings we will join other online platforms, such as Zoom, Google Meets...  


South Wake Landfill

On the virtual tour, you will also learn:

  • How Wake County is using household trash to make energy
  • Where you can recycle additional items, not picked up at the curb
  • Where to dispose of harmful household items safely
  • How to reduce waste at home, school or work

Request A Tour

South Wake Landfill

Virtual landfill tours are intended for groups that operate within Wake County, with at least ten participants in the targeted age range of eight years or older. Participants will need internet access, and a computer, tablet or phone to join the virtual tour. To request a virtual tour complete this request form, and email it to the contact information below.


"Since taking a tour of Wake County waste facilities and the landfill I've become more knowledgeable and environmentally conscious about my consuming habits" 

– Kenice, Raleigh, NC. 

Contact Us

Program Coordinator: Sara Davarbakhsh

Email: [email protected]