Area Plans

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Since the adoption of the plans listed below, the county has changed. Municipalities grew and annexed new areas, new infrastructure projects were completed and planning priorities changed with new knowledge and a different population. As a result, some of the policy guidance in the area plans has become outdated, but some of the detailed policy guidance in these plans remains valuable.

In April of 2021 Wake County adopted a new comprehensive plan called PLANWake, and area plans are a major part of implementing it. The area plans separate the county into six distinct areas which will undergo more localized planning with community input. This process will be ongoing from 2022-2024.

The six Area Plans are shown on the map below.

Map showing Area Plan boundaries
Current Area Plan boundaries

* While there is an area plan on the map for the Research Triangle Park (RTP), the RTP Foundation is responsible for any long-range or master planning initiatives in this area. Its inclusion is to identify it as an unincorporated area in Wake County's jurisdiction. Wake County will not be conducting an area plan in RTP.


What's Happening Now

The plan currently being drafted is the Lower Swift Creek Area Plan. This plan is scheduled for adoption in the fall of 2022. To give feedback on this plan or just stay up-to-date, visit the Lower Swift Creek website.

The next plan to be drafted is the Middle Creek Area Plan, which is located in the southeast corner of Wake County. A project website will be added in late summer 2022. 

Lower Swift Creek Website

Policy Guidance

The development framework map in PLANWake serves as the primary policy guidance for land use and development in the county. The current area plans will also continue to provide detailed policy direction, specifically with regard to commercial development. Over time, the area plans will be replaced through new public engagement processes and updated plans. When reviewing development applications, in addition to the land use guidance in PLANWake, policy in the appropriate area plan should be reviewed and considered at the discretion of Wake County Planning.

To view and print various sized maps, including maps of activity centers, visit Popular Planning Maps.

Area Plan Documents

The following plans are current but will be replaced by in-progress plans. 


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