Get a Trade Permit

Trade Permits are available to anyone who must obtain a plumbing, electrical or mechanical permit. Trade permits provide for the permitting and inspection for projects with single or multiple trades, when a building permit is not required. 

To apply for a trade permit, you will need to submit:

  • A completed application using the Wake County Permit Portal.
  • List all trade contractors under "Contacts" in the Permit Portal application.
  • Provide a complete description of work for the permit, including location where work will be preformed.
  • Please provide the following information for mechanical and water heater installations and change-outs:
    • Type of appliance to be installed or replaced. List if the appliance is gas or electric.
    • Location of the appliance: exterior, crawlspace, attic or basement.
    • List the areas of the structure that the appliance will service - basement, first, second or third floor.


Trade Permit Fees

Trade permit fee is $60 for each trade required.

Multi-trade permits performed by the same contractor are $60 total.