Amend a Permit

Permits must be amended when:

  • The scope of the project will change
  •  New plans are submitted or revised
  • Revised site plan is submitted
  • When adding or changing contractor and subcontractors
  • When changing the number of bedrooms for a project

Permits can be amended while in the review process or after they have been issued. Permits that are amended are subject to an amendment fee for each amendment.

To amend a permit, attach a completed amendment permit form, your revised building plans and site plan to the permit in the permit portal. When these documents are added to the permit, a task will be sent to the Permit Technicians. When a permit is in the amendment review process, a hold will be placed on all inspections until the amendment has been approved and all amendment fees are paid.

Only current property owners are authorized to change General Contractors on a permit. A new certificate of insurance or workers compensation exemption form will be required for each change of General Contractor. Current property owners or General Contractors may add or change trade subcontractors on a permit.

To amend a permit, use this form.