Restaurants and Meat Markets

Restaurant and Tables

Health inspection reports are available soon after the health inspection. Search them by name or ZIP code. 

Bakery establishments are NOT regulated by the local health department. Find more information here:

Buying, Building, Remodeling a Restaurant? 

Permits do not transfer from owner to owner. Save time and money – contact the Wake County Plan Review Section at 919-856-7440 before you buy, build or remodel to find out what the requirements are. 

How often are restaurants inspected? 

Restaurants get inspected one to four times a year, depending on their menu items and food processes. 


If you have a concern about something you see in a restaurant, speak to the manager directly. This is the best way to deal with a problem. If you still have concerns, you may also fill out the complaint form or call us at 919-856-7400 to file a complaint. 

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