Wake Parks Staff Reveal Top Stops for Photo Ops

You know the twists and turns of the trails by heart. Your kids have climbed and conquered the playgrounds. Your family has its own perfect place to picnic.

Now, Wake County park staff are giving you a way to see their parks in a new way – by letting you in on their favorite spots.

“Many of our visitors are very familiar with their favorite parks,” said Chris Snow, director of Parks, Recreation and Open Space. “This is an opportunity to see the parks through a different lens and maybe find a new location you love.”

#ParkPicks highlights special spots and hidden gems throughout Wake County’s 10 parks and preserves – personally picked by park staff. To find one, just look for the yellow sign posted somewhere on the property. The sign will point you toward the perfect backdrop for a selfie or photo.

After you’ve snapped the pic, share it on social media using the #ParkPicks hashtag.

Staff will move the signs to different places at the park or preserve on a regular basis. A list of locations can be found here.

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