Wake County Identifies COVID-19 Outbreak at Long-Term Care Facility in Apex

​The Wake County Public Health Division has confirmed the fourth outbreak of COVID-19 at a long-term care facility. 

Multiple people – including employees and residents – at UNC REX Rehabilitation and Nursing Care Center of Apex have tested positive for the virus. No information about residents or employees within the facility will be disclosed.

“As we’ve seen with previous outbreaks, the coronavirus can spread quickly through communities where people live near each other in relatively close quarters,” said Dr. Jeff Williams, who oversaw the Wake County Emergency Operations Center’s public health branch today. “We’re working closely with this facility to minimize the number of people exposed to the virus.”

Wake County Public Health defines an outbreak at a long-term care facility as two or more people – residents or employees – testing positive for the virus.

The county recommends the facility follow its guidelines, which include:

  • Ensuring staff wear the appropriate personal protective equipment at all times;
  • Prohibiting visitors from entering its facility;
  • Restricting employees from working at other locations;
  • Practicing social distancing when possible; and
  • Frequently cleaning surfaces with disinfectant.

The Public Health team has also advised the center to follow safety procedures established by EMS and local fire departments when calling for emergency assistance. 

Staying Updated
Wake County has made it easy for you to stay updated on the latest information about COVID-19. You can visit our COVID-19 webpage, which has a set of frequently asked questions to educate residents in English and in Spanish, a list of COVID-19-related closures and service changes, as well as an email address and phone number that people can use to ask personal health-related questions about COVID-19.

The county is also sharing important information on its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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