About Us

Wake County ambulance and district chief SUV under a beautiful blue sky.

We are responsible for providing EMS throughout Wake County including within all municipalities. We do this with paramedic ambulance response supported by district chiefs, Advanced Practice Paramedics, specialty response units and response-capable administrative staff. 

We’re headed by Chief Chris Colangelo, who serves as the EMS system director and Medical director Dr. Jose Cabanas who is also the Chief Medical Officer for Wake County.

We provide on-site medical coverage for a host of events and activities throughout the community. We have trained staff with specialized equipment and vehicles for a variety of multiple patient, mass casualty, disaster and other less typical situations. 

We greatly value the enrichment we receive through diversity in our staff, and we’re regularly working to enhance that diversity with a ultimate goal of being reflective of the community we serve. 

EMS responded to over 109,000 calls for help in 2020. There are about 30 ambulances on duty 24 hours a day. About 15 “peak load” 12-hour ambulances are added at staggered start times to accommodate increased called volume during the day and evening. We are a data-driven system and regularly participate in research to determine a multitude of strategic approaches to emergency medical care.