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Wake County’s Wastewater Program is responsible for all permitting and inspecting activities that require a septic system for wastewater disposal.

Please use this form to report any septic system issues you maybe experiencing such as odor, surfacing wastewater, wastewater backups, wastewater flow to other properties, etc.

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What septic system failures have you observed at the property listed above?
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This report is based in part on information provided by the homeowner or his/her representative in the application submitted for this permit. The Environmental Health Specialist is not responsible for false or misleading information contained in the application. The Environmental Health Specialist is also not responsible for concealed conditions on the property or for statements in this report that may have resulted from false or misleading statements provided to him in the application. Neither Wake County nor the Environmental Health Specialist warrants that the septic tank system will continue to function satisfactorily in the future or that the water supply will remain potable.

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Please call 811 to contact NC No Cuts to locate all underground utilities.

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