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The Wake County Animal Center receives lost and stray animals from all of Wake County.  Stray animals should not be brought to the SPCA of Wake County, after July 1, 2010. 

It is important to check the Animal Center at least every two or three days when looking for a lost pet. It is often difficult to describe and positively identify an animal over the phone. If there is any identification on your pet, the Animal Center will make every effort to contact the owner, but tags and collars are frequently missing or damaged when an animal is lost.

We recommend the following steps when looking for a lost pet:

Fill out a lost animal report

Submit a lost animal report on Triangle Lost Pets ( This website, sponsored by Wake County, allows individuals to post descriptive information and view maps of where pets have been lost or found. This site also allows individuals to prepare a Pet Flier that can be posted in neighborhoods, vet offices, grocery stores, convenience stores, and the Wake County Animal Center.
Get out in your neighborhood and community
Get out in your neighborhood immediately calling the pet's name. Most dogs will hang around an area where they were lost for 12 to 24 hours. As you go, ask others in your community to look out for your pet.
Make a lost pet flier/poster
Make a Lost Pet Flier with a picture and description of your pet. You can easily print a flier when you list your pet on Be sure to include your contact information. Hand this flier out in your neighborhood, post at your local vet offices, grocery stores and gas stations. 

Posters/fliers should include:
- Color picture of the animal
- Where and when lost
- Phone number/email address
- Full description including color, size, breed, age, sex and identifying characteristics

Place your poster/flier in:
- Supermarkets
- Pet stores
- Public telephones
- Gas stations
- Bulletin boards
- Veterinary offices
- Drug stores
- Churches
- Libraries
- Places where children gather

Check pets listed on these sites often

Visit the Wake County Animal Center and SPCA
Visit the Wake County Animal Center in person. Bring with you the lost pet flier as well as the pet’s rabies vaccination records or a picture of the pet. It is important to have some form of identification linking the pet to you. We want to be sure the person reclaiming a pet is actually the owner! Check each center at least every three days.

Wake County Animal Center: 820 Beacon Lake Drive, Raleigh, NC 27610

The Wake County Animal Center will accept the following as proof of ownership:
  • Rabies tag and certificate
  • ID tag
  • Registration paperwork
  • Vet records
  • Municipal license
  • Microchip information
  • Picture of the animal
  • Adoption paperwork
  • Purchase receipt 
Reclaim Fee
Owners reclaiming lost pets at the Wake County Animal Center will have to pay a reclaim fee. View our list of adoption and reclaim fees.
Additional tips 
  • Place a lost pet posting on other popular sites in addition to
  • If you live near a Wake County border, call the shelter of the neighboring county for your lost animal.

  • Call your local newspapers and place an ad offering a reward. Often these ads can be placed free of charge in the lost and found column of the classified section.

  • Check all lost and found ads on a daily basis in the local paper and popular websites like

  • Call all local veterinarians, in addition to placing a poster at their offices and be sure to check the local after-hours pet emergency clinics.

  • Contact your local police station and sheriff's office. Some people do report found pets to local authorities first. Leave posters is possible.

  • Call radio stations and ask if they will announce lost pets as a public service.

  • Give your mail carrier and pizza delivery drivers a copy of your lost pet poster. These carriers travel your neighborhood frequently and may see your pet.

Getting a response to your lost pet flier or ad

For your safety, if you receive a response, remember to use your head - not your emotions - when making arrangements to claim your lost pet: 
  • Do not have the caller come to your home. Suggest meeting in front of your local police station or a busy public place. If the call is not legitimate, this will immediately discourage the caller.
  • Do not meet the caller alone. Arrange for a friend or relative to go with you.
  • Do not give in to attempts callers may make for you to meet at their home or anywhere else. Insist on meeting at an agreed upon destination.
Whenever you have a possible match, do not rule out the possibility that the pet was found a good distance from where it was lost. People often transport pets great distances, then put them out again (or they get out on their own).

Once your pet is found

If you find your pet, remember to do the following:
  • Go back and remove posters and fliers you posted.
  • Delete and remove online postings on the websites you listed your pet.
  • Take action to make sure your pet doesn't get lost in the future.
  • Put permanent identification tags with your name and phone number on your pet's collar, and always make sure your pet is wearing its collar.
  • Speak to your veterinarian about giving your pet a microchip identification number.
  • Repair your fence, lock your gate, and keep cats inside.
It is easier to avoid having your pet get lost than it is to go through the heartache of trying to find a lost pet.