Wake County Community Survey Under Way

Wake County launched a survey on Sept. 13 to gauge how residents view their quality of life and the issues facing the community. This is the first time the county has conducted a scientifically significant general survey since the 1990s, and the Board of Commissioners will use the results to determine what its top priorities should be for 2023.

Collecting feedback from residents across our many racial, ethnic, geographic and socioeconomic groups is important to give us a realistic understanding of public opinion countywide. We strongly encourage you to participate if given the opportunity.

We’ve contracted with Probolsky Research to execute the survey. The vendor is reaching out directly to about 2,000 residents via mail, phone, email and social media, and asking them to take the survey.

The survey includes 60 questions and is available in four languages – English, Spanish, Mandarin and Hindi. The questions will focus on a variety of topics, ranging from housing affordability and public transit to the environment and access to county services.

We’ll present the results of the survey to the Wake County Board of Commissioners in January 2023. The board will use the outcomes to establish a strategic plan to achieve key objectives in 2023 and beyond.

The board’s current goals are listed on the Wake County website.