Wake County to Launch Community Survey to Help Determine Top Priorities

Wake County is building a strategic plan, and as part of that process, the county wants to hear from its residents about their quality of life and issues facing the community. To collect this data, the county will conduct a statistically significant survey, which will launch on Sept. 13.

“We need input from our residents to learn where we’re doing well and where we could move the needle even further,” said Vice Chair Shinica Thomas of the Wake County Board of Commissioners. “The feedback they provide will help the board determine what our priorities should be in 2023 and the goals we’ll set to achieve success.”

The county is contracting with Probolsky Research to generate and execute the survey. The vendor will reach out directly to about 2,000 residents via mail, phone, email and social media, and ask them to take the survey.

The survey includes 60 questions and is available in four languages – English, Spanish, Mandarin and Hindi.

“This outreach effort is engineered to ensure we hear from a wide cross section of our community,” said Jason Horton, Wake County’s Strategy, Performance and Innovation Director. “Our goal is to receive feedback from residents across all racial, ethnic, geographic and socioeconomic groups, so we can know with confidence that the results of the survey reflect the opinions of Wake County.”

The questions will focus on a variety of topics, ranging from housing affordability and public transit to the environment and access to county services. The Board of Commissioners will receive the results of the survey and the accompanying analysis in January 2023.

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