Residents Encouraged to Take Survey to Assess Health and Well-Being of Wake County

A joint effort is now under way between Wake County, local hospitals and community partners to analyze the current health and well-being of our diverse community.

The Community Health Needs Assessment will identify the greatest health-related needs among our residents and help local stakeholders determine ways to address those needs while improving the overall health of our population.

From now until Dec. 3, residents can visit and complete the brief assessment online.

“We know the pandemic has impacted many of our residents, which is why it’s so important that their voices are heard this year,” said Wake County Commissioner Sig Hutchinson. “We need to account for the effects COVID-19 has had on people’s physical health, as well as their social-emotional well-being, so we can develop strategies to help them live longer, better lives.”

The survey is being conducted through a partnership with the University of North Carolina –North Carolina Institute of Public Health (UNC-NCIPH). Responses will be used to generate a report, which the county, local hospitals and community partners will use to create a strategic action plan for meeting health and well-being goals. In addition to the survey, UNC-NCIPH will conduct focus groups, representing key populations and demographics, to take a deeper dive into areas of interest.

The Community Health Needs Assessment is confidential, and the answers submitted by participants will remain anonymous.

Some Wake County residents will receive a special invitation in the mail to participate.

Starting last week, a random, diverse population of 3,000 Wake County residents started receiving the postcards. The purpose is to ensure a variety of responses from people with different backgrounds, locations and experiences.

About the Assessment
Every three years, counties across the nation are required by the federal government to assess the health needs of their communities through the Community Health Needs Assessment process.

The process is overseen by Live Well Wake, an initiative made up of Wake County and about 100 partner organizations including local government, hospitals, schools, faith-based organizations, non-profit organizations, businesses and other stakeholders.

For more information and to see reports from previous years, visit

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