Highlights of the April 4, 2022 Board of Commissioners Meeting

Missed this week's Wake County Board of Commissioners meeting? Here are the highlights:

The board proclaimed April as Fair Housing Month in support of federal laws that provide equal housing opportunities for all Americans regardless of race, color, religion, sex, disability, gender identity, familial status or national origin – as well laws that ensure fair practice in the sale, rental or financing of real property.

Next, Commissioners voted to use $200,000 of Parks, Greenways, Recreation & Open Space bond funding to develop concept plans for three new nature preserves in the Little River, Buffalo Creek and Swift Creek areas of Wake County. We will hire consultants to help our staff lead the planning process, which should take four to six months. They could offer options like hiking, horseback riding or paddling, which you can already find at some of our existing preserves: bit.ly/3J6VIAs.

The board also voted to invest $3.5 million of Parks, Greenways, Recreation and Open Space funding in the design of the Swift Creek Greenway between Lake Wheeler and Lake Benson. It's been discussed for years, with Wake County, Raleigh and Garner having partnered on a master plan in 2006. Yesterday’s decision will allow Wake County to complete 100% of the design of the Swift Creek Greenway. That will make the project more “shovel-ready,” which could lead to future state or federal grant funding opportunities.

The board approved a proposal brought forth by two local students to change the name of Village Regional Library to Oberlin Regional Library. It pays respect to Oberlin Village, which was established in the late 1860s and became the largest Reconstruction-era settlement in Wake County. The newly renamed Oberlin Regional Library will feature an exhibit to help educate library visitors on the importance of this historic black community in Raleigh. Learn more at bit.ly/37izyhy

Finally, Commissioner Maria Cervania reminded residents they have two weeks left to take advantage of the following when filing taxes:

Child Tax Credit
Child Care/Dependent Care Tax Credit
Earned Income Tax Credit
Learn more at GetCTC.org or GetYourRefund.org

Want to dig deeper into the board meeting? Watch a full recording of the meeting at bit.ly/3Jaxq8z (the meeting starts at the 52:58 mark.)

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