Brooks Takes Reins of EMS Community Outreach on Hammerstein’s Retirement

Chief Brooks and Chief Hammerstein smiling in front of ambulance.

Brian Brooks was named Wake County EMS Assistant Chief - Community Outreach in March as Asst. Chief Jeffrey Hammerstein’s retirement takes effect on April 1.

Brooks first came to Wake County EMS in 2005 after launching his EMS career in the City of Vallejo, which is in the San Francisco Bay area.  He served Wake County for many years on an ambulance as a paramedic until his promotion to district chief in more recent years.  Brian has actively participated in multiple outreach activities during his career, including development, implementation and ongoing leadership of Wake County EMS’s emerging cadet program.  The comprehensive program is designed to give high school youth in depth EMT instruction and extensive field response experience in preparation for a career in EMS.

“Brian brings proven abilities in communication, organization and execution of some of the vital programs that are important for EMS,” says Dr. Jose Cabañas, Wake County EMS System Director.

“We look forward to Brian’s leadership in continuing to elevate the Office of Community Outreach launched here seven years ago by Asst. Chief Hammerstein.”

In addition to overseeing a variety of community outreach and youth programs, Brooks will also serve as public information officer in addition to taking the lead on recruiting efforts.

Brooks’ new role comes on the heels of Hammerstein’s retirement at the end of March.  Hammerstein, who grew up in Evansville, Indiana, began his EMS career at Garner-St. Mary’s Rescue Squad in 1985.  He came to Wake County EMS in 1988 where he spent 15 years as a paramedic on an ambulance before promoting to district chief in 2003.  He took on the responsibilities of EMS PIO in 2006 and then assumed the full-time role of PIO/Community Outreach as the newly created position was formed in January 2014.  Hammerstein led the implementation of a variety of EMS outreach initiatives, including some internal and external diversity programs, EMS Citizen’s Academy, Code: Celebrate! for cardiac arrest survivors, a social media presence, recruitment efforts and regular contact with local media on EMS related topics.

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