Inspector Apprenticeship Program

This paid Inspector Apprenticeship Program includes on-the-job training and related coursework that culminates in certification as a Building Inspector. The program may take up to one year or longer for completion depending on the individual’s progress. This includes attending and successfully passing related classes and certification examinations as required by the State of North Carolina. These classes and certifications will be paid by the County upon successful certification. The Apprentice will be a full-time employee with Wake County Planning Development and Inspections, working 40 hours per week, including coursework, with excellent benefits. 

What is a Building Code Inspector?

Building Code Inspectors, also known as code officials, play a major role in ensuring that all commercial, residential, public assembly and other buildings within a governmental jurisdiction are constructed in accordance with the provisions of the governing building code. Building code provisions address structural stability, fire safety, adequate means of egress (exits), sanitation, safe wiring and more. It is the code official’s responsibility to protect the public health, safety and welfare in relation to the built environment through effective code enforcement.


The apprenticeship program is for individuals 18 years of age or older who possess a High School Diploma/GED, valid NC Drivers License and are physically able to perform all phases of inspection work. Basic knowledge of construction is beneficial. 

Program Structure

Applicants must first complete and submit a Code Enforcement Officer (CEO) application through the NC Department of Insurance (NCDOI). Selected apprentices shall apply for a Probationary Certification with NCDOI Qualifications Board as a Level I Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical and/or Building Code Enforcement Official. Once issued, the Probationary Certificate will be valid for 36 months. During that time, the Apprentice will complete at least six months of supervised field inspections before taking the Level I State Certification Exam and other related courses within the 36-month probationary period. Upon successful completion of the Standard Level I Exam, the Qualifications Board will issue the Standard Level I Certificate for that trade(s). Once hired, all apprentice expenses related to registration and materials are paid by the County.  

Upon successful completion of the coursework and course exam for the Level I Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical trades OR Building trade, the Inspector Apprenticeship Program will be complete. The Apprentice will then be considered for a permanent inspector position if available at that time. If no permanent inspector position becomes available, the Apprentice will remain in the Apprentice position and continue training and certifications until such time a position becomes available, and they are considered.

How Do I Apply?

You can apply by completing the application process here


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