Wastewater Fees

Residential Onsite Wastewater (Septic Only)

Permit Type


New Development Individual On-Site Wastewater

     Improvement Permit (limit to less than 3 acres per evaluation)


     Construction Authorization (includes Operation Permit) 


(Includes requested revisions to existing construction authorizations) 

      Total $400

Manufactured/Mobile Home Relocation (Construction Authorization Only)                


Mobile Home Relocation Fee Inside Permitted Mobile Home Parks 

No Fee   

Manufactured/Mobile Home Relocation-Modifications needed/change in design flow                                   

     Improvement Permit (limit to less than 3 acres per evaluation)  $200
     Construction Authorization (includes Operation Permit)  $200

Total $400

Verifications for Change of Use or System Reuse                  (Existing Onsite Wastewater systems only. No change to flow or lot size) 


Renew Septic Permit (expired  after 5 years) 

     CA renewal only  $200
     IP and CA Renewal  $400

Design Review Fee for Residential Permits 


Re-Inspection Fee                                                                   (Penalty for unnecessary return trips on Lot Evaluations) 


Field Consultation 


Commercial Wastewater Permits (Designed/Engineered/Large Systems)

Permit Type


Domestic Strength Wastewater Systems (≤ 720 gallons/day design flow) (Excluding Industrial Process Wastewater) 

     Improvement Permit 


     Construction Authorization


     Design Review Fee



Total $510

Domestic Strength Wastewater Systems (>720 and ≤ 3,000 gallons/day design flow) 

Industrial Process Wastewater (≤ 3,000gallons/day design flow) 

     Improvement Permit (per connection)  $200
     Construction Authorization (per connection)  $200 
     Design Review Fee (Variable based on # of connections)  $110 

LPP or Alternative Systems (O & M Inspections) 

(Type V and Type VI Systems – per connection) 

Connection =360 gallons per day design wastewater flow 


Septage Land Application Sites