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Wake County’s Groundwater Program is responsible for permitting and inspecting new private wells, well repairs and well abandonments and responds to health and safety concerns related to private wells. If you are having a concern with water provided by a public water system or a community well, please contact the utility that provides your water.

Please use this form to report any  

  • improperly abandoned wells (open wells)
  • concerns about improper well construction
  • renter concerns about water from a private well
  • concerns about man-made contamination in a well

If you are seeking routine well water testing, need to repair or abandon a well, or need a well permit, please apply on the Wake County Permit Portal or contact a certified well contractor.

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(Contact pump installer or well contractor.)

Contact pump installer or well contractor. Visit and click on "Find a Well Contractor."

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If you are experiencing problems with water from a community or municipal water system, please call your water utility or the NC Department of Environmental Quality at 919-791-4200.

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