Waste Reduction Grants

Display of waste items labeled landfill, compost, recycle.
This waste station was created with grant support.

Wake County Solid Waste Management offers grants to aid organizations in diverting waste from the landfill. Schools, nonprofits and businesses have received awards to expand recycling collection, start composting and turn waste into beneficial goods. Grantees may receive from $500 up to $10,000 to support innovative projects.

Applications were due on November 20, 2020. Download last year's application as a PDF. Winners will be announced in January 2021. 

Grant Winners


North Carolina State University received $9,984 to pilot food waste collection in apartment-style residence halls.

North Ridge Elementary School received $4,600 to reduce cafeteria waste.

Poe Center for Health Education received $7,540 to expand composting and educate visitors and staff about preventing wasted food.

Triangle Repair Network received $2,970 to purchase tools and promote repair events.


First United Methodist Church-Cary received $1,200 to create a lending library for cutlery and update recycling signage.

Friends of NC Museum of Natural Sciences received $6,000 to compost organic waste in cafes and educate museum staff.

Live Nation received $5,000 to implement a recycling program in parking lots at its Raleigh amphitheater.

Locals Seafood received $10,000 to transform fish waste into a boutique pet treat.

North Carolina State University received $7,800 to improve recycling and composting collection at the Schaub Food Science building.

Sonoco Recycling received $10,000 to improve educational tours by replacing cameras in its Raleigh material recovery facility.