South Wake Landfill Timeline

Explore the history of the South Wake Landfill from 1990 to 2020. 

1990 - 1994

Oct. 1990 - Jun. 1991: Wake County Commissioners purchase land for “Feltonsville Landfill expansion” and authorize pursuit of additional land to assure long-term disposal.

Dec. 1991: Presentation and meeting with Holly Springs Town Commissioners on South Wake landfill plans and intent to implement proposed landfill development.

Mar. 1992: Engineer submits to Wake County evaluation of expanded South Wake landfill site and no “fatal flaws” are found.

Apr. 1992: Wake County authorizes engineer to proceed with subsurface investigation of South Wake site.

Sep. 1992: Public meeting with Holly Springs Town Commissioners for letters on zoning and local government approval.  All approvals granted.

Oct. 1992: Wake County Commissioners approve a motion to relieve Holly Springs of $298,292 remaining debt in exchange for future 50,000 gallons of pre-treated wastewater capacity.

Dec. 1992: Wake County submits Site Plan Application to North Carolina Department of Environment, Health and Natural Resources (NC DEHNR) for property currently held and under negotiation.

May 1993 - Feb. 1995: Wake County pursues site suitability permitting with NC DEHNR.

Dec. 1994: Wake County and Holly Springs sign Interlocal Agreement to:

1.  Forgive Town payment balance for waste water treatment plant construction of $298,292;

2.  Pay Town $228,800 for design and construction of waste water pumping station and force main;

3.  Approve the construction and operation of the South Wake Solid Waste Management Facility (SWSWMF) within the corporate limits and ETJ of the Town.

1995 - 1999

Mar. 1995: NCDEHNR issues Site Suitability Letter for South Wake Landfill.

Dec. 1995: County engineer starts work on Permit to Construct Application (PTC).

Dec. 1996: County submits PTC Application to NCDEHNR.

Sep. 1997: Draft comments received from NCDEHNR on PTC.

Sep. 1997 - Apr. 1998: Wake County pursues PTC approval from NC DEHNR.

Apr. 1998: NCDEHNR issues draft Permit to Construct and 45-day comment period begins.

May 1998: NCDEHNR holds mandated public hearing on draft Permit to Construct at Holly Springs Elementary School.  Wake County Solid Waste Management Division holds public information meeting earlier in the day.

Jun. 1998: NCDEHNR comment period and two additional extension periods end.

Feb. 1999: NC DEHNR issues facility PTC No. 92-22 for the South Wake Landfill.

2000 - 2004

Apr. 1999 - Dec. 2003: Litigation challenging the Permit to Construct (PTC).

Mar. 2001: Order of Wake County Superior Court re-issues PTC No. 92-22.

Aug. 2003: All municipalities and County agree to Interlocal Agreement to collaborate on a process to select the best long-term solid waste disposal option.

Nov. 2003: Through the collaborative effort, Wake County issues Request for Expressions of Interest for vendors to provide long-term solid waste disposal services.

Dec. 2003: Parties reach Settlement Agreement in US District Court.

Apr. 2004: Request for Proposals is issued to vendors qualified through the REI process.

2005 - 2009

Sep. 2004 - Feb. 2005: Evaluations of Proposals and Vendor Presentations.

Feb. - Jun. 2005: Collaboration of municipal and County managers agree on best long-term option.

Jul. - Nov. 2005: Various scenarios of long-term disposal option are evaluated.

Dec. 2005 - Jun. 2006: Local governments approve long-term Interlocal Agreement and Wake County Commissioners approve Landfill Design, Construction and Operating Agreement with Waste Industries, LLC.

Nov. 2006: County establishes South Wake Citizens Committee which has met consistently for 2 to 4 times per year since 2006. 

Nov. 2006: Construction of South Wake Landfill entrance facilities begins.

Mar. 2007: Construction of South Wake Landfill Phase 1A begins.

Jan. 2008: Permit to operate Phase 1A.

Feb. 2008: Phase 1A receives initial waste placement.

Aug. 2009: Construction of South Wake Landfill Phase 1B begins.

2010 - 2014

Jun. 2010: Permit to operate Phase 1B.

Jul. 2010: Phase 1B receives initial waste placement.

Nov. 2010: Initial Air Permit issued by NCDEQ.

Jan. 2011: Commencement of landfill gas collection system operation.

Jun. 2013: Wake County sold 42.3 acres to the Town of Holly Springs for Ting Park. The Town paid $253,668 initially with the balance of $1.8 million due by 2023.

Aug. 2013: Permit to construct Phase 2. 

Sep. 2013: Ingenco power plant commences operations.

Feb. 2014: Title V Air Quality Permit issued to South Wake.

Jun. 2014: Construction of South Wake Landfill Phase 2A begins.

2015 - 2019

Mar. 2015: Holly Springs Town Council presentation regarding South Wake Landfill (SWLF).

Apr. 2015: Permit to operate Phase 2A.

Jul. 2015: Phase 2A receives initial waste placement.

Apr. 2016: Town Council tours of the landfill.

Apr. 2016: Town Council presentation regarding SWLF. 

Sep. 2017: Start of partial closure construction.

Dec. 2017: Life of Site permit issued.

May 2018: Start of NSPS Applicability.

Oct. 2018: Town staff tours the landfill and presentation to Town Council.

Aug. 2019: Presentation to Town Council regarding SWLF.

2020 - present

Apr. 2020: Construction of South Wake Landfill Phase 2B begins.