Delinquent Taxes

Find out more information on steps the office may take to collect on an account after it has reached delinquent status.

What happens when a tax bill becomes delinquent?

Enforced debt collection may begin immediately upon an account reaching delinquent status. Action for collection may include garnishment of wages; attachment of bank accounts, rental income or income tax refunds; seizure and sale of personal property by the Sheriff's Office; or foreclosure of real estate.

The first step in the foreclosure process is advertisement of the delinquent account in The News & Observer approximately two months after becoming delinquent. This action is required by North Carolina General Statutes. Commencement of any of these actions will result in additional costs and/or fees being added to the unpaid bills.

To view instructions on retrieving a full listing of real estate billing and delinquent files, please visit our page for Real Estate Tax Bill & Payment Files.

Trouble paying taxes?

View our payment arrangements page to see if you can set up a short term payment plan with our office.  

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