Real Estate Tax Bill Files

Download all current tax year real estate accounts and the delinquent real estate accounts for all tax years.

Real estate tax bill and delinquent files are available for download in spreadsheet and zipped text file formats. The content of these files is refreshed daily.

File options include:

Full Real Estate Tax Bill File

Contains all billed real estate accounts for the current tax year and any delinquent real estate accounts.


Delinquent Real Estate File

Contains only delinquent real estate accounts for all years.


If downloading a zipped text file format, use the Tax Bill File Layout to identify field break positions.

Mortgage Lender Payment Files

Mortgage lenders must submit payment files by email to

To allow for timely processing, files should be submitted by November 15 each year.

Send all payment files in TXT format using the required Payment File Layout.

Please note: Our mail server will not accept file attachments in ZIP format.

Payment files must contain a lender number for each record.  If you require a lender number not appearing on the list, please email your request.