Lines on the Land

Lines on the Land is a "hands-on" soil and water conservation learning package. Its three components – video, booklet and lessons – were developed by the Iowa Association of Soil and Water Conservation District Commissioners, USDA Soil Conservation Service, Iowa Dept. of Agriculture and Land Stewardship – Division of Soil Conservation, and the Institute for Environmental Education at the University of Northern Iowa. 

Conservation Practices

Wake District invites teachers and students to learn about conservation practices or best management practices (BMPs) that reduce erosion and build soil health. Every day our conservationists work with Wake County farmers to design and install these conservation BMPs to meet each farmer's objectives while increasing soil productivity, protecting water quality and enhancing wildlife habitat. Wake District has been providing this free technical assistance since the Dust Bowl, and the need to conserve our natural resources is as important as ever! 

Who will find Lines on the Land especially helpful?

  • Fifth-grade teachers who enter our annual Conservation Poster Contest! 
  • Sixth-grade teachers who teach about the pedosphere and healthy soil! 
  • Eighth-grade teachers who teach about the hydrosphere and water quality! 
  • High school teachers, Envirothon Advisors and FFA Leaders who teach environmental science and the critical issues of erosion and nonpoint source pollution (sediment is NC's #1 water pollutant by volume!) 
  • Any teacher, educator, youth leader or gardener who knows it all starts with healthy soil and wants to know the science-based methods for keeping soil productive on the land and out of our waterways! 


Lines on the Land booklet provides 28 pages of color photos and descriptions of agricultural conservation practices. A free download is available from the Iowa NRCS website. 


Lines on the Land Teacher's Guide contains 16 lessons on soil and water conservation. Lessons were developed and piloted by classroom teachers with the Institute for Environmental Education at the University of Northern Iowa. 


This 10-minute video describes agricultural conservation practices.  *Note: If you receive an error message when you try to play the video in Internet Explorer, close Internet Explorer and try using a different internet browser such as Google Chrome.