Environmental Education Resource Center

Check out our Environmental Education Resource Center! It contains helpful and creative teaching materials on all-natural resources. The center's purpose is to provide environmental education materials to educators who work with and aspire to share the joy of nature with others. It's for teachers, naturalists, interpreters, librarians, Scout leaders, camp counselors, recreation leaders, daycare personnel, curriculum specialists – ALL Wake County citizens.

What type of resources are available?

We have hundreds of publications available on environmental education topics to Wake County teachers. The ever-growing number of hands-on activity guides, videos, books, kits, music cassettes, and slide shows should increase your teaching effectiveness on topics such as soil, water, air, forests, wildlife and current environmental issues. Many of these materials are easily integrated into school subjects you are already teaching. 

Please note that no one video alone constitutes effective or meaningful "environmental education." The District intends all library items to supplement hands-on activities, interactive investigations and outdoor explorations of the natural world. The essence of environmental education must come from YOU – your sharing passion and enthusiasm for nature and your modeling concern and commitment for protecting the earth's environmental quality. Environmental education starts with a holistic environmental ethic and YOU! And YOU can make all the difference! 

Does it cost anything to access these resources?

All EERC materials are purchased by the Wake District and available free of charge to Wake County citizens for a 1-2 week loan period. To keep the EERC functioning smoothly, please return all materials promptly. The borrower is responsible for returning all EERC materials by the required due date and for replacing damaged or lost materials. 

To ensure its growth, please use the EERC and tell others about it. 

Who can I contact for more information?

Contact Sheila Jones, Environmental Education Specialist, at 919-250-1065 or [email protected] for content information about our EERC.