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Marriage License Certificate Information

Application for Marriage License Certificate


  1. The marriage license was issued in Wake County.
  2. One of the following must apply:
    • Applicant is an immediate family member of the individual on the marriage license.
    • Applicant can be self, spouse, sister, brother, child, parent / stepparent, grandparent or grandchild.
    • Applicant is seeking information for legal determination of personal or property rights.
    • Applicant is authorized agent, attorney or legal representative of a person listed above.

​Online ​Marriage License Certificate Requests

  • ​​Request your certified copy of your Marriage License online.

​Mail-In Marriage License Certificate Requests

  1. Open and download the PDF Application to request by mail.
  2. Complete, sign and enclose the certified copy application for your Marriage License.
  3. Include a copy of your DMV photo ID or valid passport.
  4. Include a check or money order for $10 per copy.

In-Person Marriage License Certificate Requests