Green Hills Everyone's Welcome

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Front entrance sign for Green Hills County Park.


Accessibility Statement

Green Hills County Park welcomes all visitors and affirms its commitment to offering programs and services that are accessible to everyone. We will make every effort to ensure that visitors of all abilities are fully included in all our programs and facilities.

Visitors Who Are Blind or Partially Sighted

Story Map flyer depicting woman running up the gravel Top of Hill Trail.

Listen to a recorded audio version of our virtual property tour.

Visitors Who Are Deaf

Story Map flyer depicting woman running up the gravel Top of Hill Trail.

Read a text version of our virtual property tour.

Visitors on the Autism Spectrum

We welcome families with children and adults on the autism spectrum. The following resources will help you plan for an enjoyable visit.

Green Hills is a 36-acre site with that was once a landfill now you can find a big hill, multi-use trails and playground with lots of different opportunities to learn about and engage with Wake County’s natural areas and wildlife. Preparing for your visit a few days beforehand can make for a more manageable and enjoyable experience.

Visual Schedule

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"My Green Hills" Visual Schedule: Download, print, and complete the "My Green Hills" Visual Schedule before visiting the park. It includes a make-your-own visual checklist with location and communication cards to prepare and plan for your visit.

Sensory Tips and Activity Suggestions

Read out Tips for a Successful Visit

Visitors of Different Physical Abilities

Green Hills County Park is an ADA accessible location.  The parking lots and paved paths around the playground, the big hill, the picnic shelter and leading to the rest rooms meet ADA criteria.  

Birding is for everybody. That's why Green Hills is proud to be a recognized location by Birdability in collaboration with the National Audubon Society. Check out their website for more information at Birdability and see our site location here