Research Proposals and Requests

Wake County ensures that residents who choose to participate in approved research are protected. The WCHS Research Review Panel  evaluates all proposals requesting to use Wake County staff, customers or facilities to carry out research. 

Public Health-based research advances the knowledge and best practice skills in a consolidated human services agency. It helps to identify needs, barriers and practical solutions to the long term health of Wake County residents. Wake County has longstanding partnerships with academic centers, community organizations and other institutions to research innovations and improvements in medical treatments, public health practice and delivery of human services. 

Steps to Submit a Research Proposal for Review

Proposals must be approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) of the research facility prior to review by Wake County. 


Identify a Wake County staff sponsor

Identify and contact a Wake County staff sponsor who works within your target population or is a subject matter expert. The employee will serve as a point of contact and guide you through the initial review, implementation process and closing of the study should it be approved. 


Create a research proposal packet

Create a research proposal packet, which includes: 


Submit the packet

Email the completed research proposal packet to:[email protected] 


Pre-review conference call

Participate in a pre-review conference call. The research review panel meets on the first Thursday of each month to review new submissions.


Approved or Declined

After the panel has reviewed the proposal, the researcher will receive an email indicating that the study has been approved or declined. If approved, the researcher will work with their staff sponsor to implement the study.


Study Complete

The staff sponsor will notify the panel when the research has been completed. 

Contact Us

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