Breastfeeding Promotion, Resources and Support

Woman breastfeeding her infant child.

Breastfeeding is one of the best things that a new mom can do for her baby, which is why breastfeeding support is such a high priority of the WIC program. All staff on the Wake County WIC team is dedicated to supporting breastfeeding, both before and after the baby arrives. 

Every mom that decides to breastfeed her baby is giving her baby a head start on fighting infections and helping protect the baby from illnesses. Support during the breastfeeding journey lets families know that WIC is there to help in every step of the way, no matter what level of support is needed.  

Contact a WIC Breastfeeding peer counselor

Breastfeeding education

Giving the mom and family of the infant the tools and support needed for a successful breastfeeding experience is a goal of the Wake County WIC program.  Dedicated and trained staff give families individualized education and guidance to help meet the breastfeeding goals of every mom and baby on WIC. 

Breastfeeding supplies and pumps

The Wake County WIC Program offers guidance on breast milk expression and provides a breast pump to fit the needs of the family.  Breast pump and supply assessments can be done at your WIC appointment or by request.  Breastfeeding moms are also taught a valuable technique of how to remove milk by hand, also known as hand expression.

Breastfeeding Resources