Children and Family Services

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The programs within our Children and Family Services provide support to families with children. These services help first-time moms prepare for birth, provide nurse home visits and additional support through a child’s first five years. We offer continued support to school age children and their families.

Services that support children and their caregivers.

Abuse, Neglect, and Crisis Information

Anyone who suspects a child, older adult or disabled person is being abused or neglected should report this to Health & Human Services. Reports may be submitted anonymously.

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Care Management for At Risk Children (CMARC)

Free program for children from birth up to five years of age who have Medicaid health insurance. Case managers help parents find the right help for their child.

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Childbirth Education Classes

Expectant moms and their support person(s) can learn about childbirth and labor. Includes an educational tour of WakeMed’s Maternity Center.

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Child Care Subsidy

Financial assistance for parents to help pay for childcare. Based on need, income, and family size.

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Child Passenger Safety

Parents and caregivers get hands-on help to learn how to install their car seat.

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Child Protective Services (CPS)

Child Protective Services protects children and enhances their well-being by supporting and strengthening families.

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Child Support Services

Services for parents and caregivers of minor children. Including collection and distribution of child support payments, location of non-custodial parents,establishment of paternity,establishment of medical and cash support obligations, and child support orders.

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Child Welfare Prevention and Support Services

Resources and support for families at-risk for becoming involved in Child Protective Services.

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Children’s Special Health

Information and referral for those living with, caring for and concerned about a child with special health care needs.

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Nurse-Family Partnership

Voluntary program that partners first-time moms with nurse home visitors.

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Permanent Family Planning

Postpartum & Newborn Home Visits

Home visits from a public health nurse for some high-risk pregnancies.

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School Health

School nurses and the school health program support Wake County Public School System through case management, health education and consultation.

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SIDS - Prevention and Counseling

Educational information about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and services available for families who have experienced a loss due to SIDS.

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WIC (Women, Infants and Children)

Food assistance for women, infants and children. Vouchers for healthy food, nutrition counseling and breastfeeding support.

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4-H Youth Development

Wake County 4-H provides enrichment opportunities for youth aged 5-19. Programs include clubs, STEM, school enrichment and leadership activities. 4-H partners with NC State University and Human Services to offer programming to you in foster care, kinship care and those involved in the juvenile justice system.

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