iMAPS Information

Wake County GIS and Raleigh GIS developed the iMAPS online interactive mapping application to provide easy access to reliable property information. Users can look up properties by owner name, address, place of interest or intersection and retrieve a variety of maps and property information. Help pages and videos are available to make iMAPS easy to use.

See FAQs for help to improve iMAPS performance.



Why is there a new version of iMAPS?

We strive to maintain a stable and reliable iMAPS application designed to be easy to use. From time to time, we need to update the application so that we can continue to support it and to provide new functions that customers have requested.

Why do I see a warning box when I access iMAPS?

Please try clearing your internet browser cache. You should see a message box with a link to try the new iMAPS.
Instructions for your browser:

How can I improve iMAPS performance?

There are some things you can do to make sure you have the best possible experience using iMAPS.

  1. Ensure you are using one of the supported browsers below (learn how to check your browser version):
    • Chrome 93 or later
    • Edge 93 or later
    • Firefox 93 or later
    • Firefox 91 (ESR)
    • iOS Safari 14 or later
    • Safari 14 or later
  2. Minimum hardware requirements (learn how to check your system memory/RAM):
    • Desktop browsers – at least 8 GB system memory
    • Mobile devices – at least 4 GB system memory
  3. Minimize the number of browser tabs you have open
  4. Clear your cache periodically (learn how to clear your cache).

Where can I download the data in iMAPS for use in spreadsheets or GIS software?

Where can I download standard PDF maps?

Where is the information for Crime Data?

The Crime Data for the City of Raleigh is now available via the Crime Mapping website.

Can you give me additional information about a city or town layer?

If you have questions related to municipal zoning, corporate limits or utilities layers please contact the appropriate municipal department.

How can I order a custom map?

Need additional help?

Contact [email protected] or 919-856-6370 for more information.