E-Plan & Site Specific Plan


E-Plan quickly provides Tier II reporting data and other important information including:   

  • Maps of the area surrounding a fixed facility showing schools and hospitals 
  • Maps of all facilities with a specified hazardous material in a specific area 
  • Chemical Hazards Response Information System data 
  • Safety Data Sheets 
  • Chemical profiles 
  • Emergency Response Guidebook pages 
  • National Fire Protection Association codes 
  • Facility Risk Management Plans 

In North Carolina and Wake County, E-Plan is the only option for filing Tier II data as required by EPCRA law. Please save documents under additional information** in a pdf file. Call  919-856-6480 if you have any questions regarding the requirements for Wake County.

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Site Specific Plan

The following planning template has been developed to assist your facility in complying with the planning, prevention, control and mitigation of dangerous conditions created by the presence of hazardous materials required under the Emergency Planning and Community-Right-to-know Act of 1986 (EPCRA) and the Hazardous Materials Chapter of the North Carolina State Building Code.

Site Specific Plan & Hazardous Materials Management Plan Template:

Site Specific Chemical Plan 
Instruction Booklet for the Site Specific & Hazardous Materials Management Plan