Emergency Operations

Emergency Operations Center

Emergency Operations Center

Wake County’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) serves as the centralized location for a coordinated response in the event of a disaster or emergency declaration. Governmental leadership and staff from every Wake County department serve in key response roles within the EOC to coordinate operations during response. This centralized coordination ensures staff work together throughout the emergency/disaster to benefit Wake County as a whole.

Disaster Service Worker Program

Wake County’s Disaster Service Worker (DSW) Program enables Wake County to effectively respond to the needs of the community during an emergency. The DSW Program includes all Wake County employees and prescribes that in the event of an emergency, as determined by the county manager or designee, participation in preparedness and response operations should be expected. Employees may be required to fill a temporary assignment in a role different from standard duties, work hours and/or work location in preparation for, during and after an emergency. Employees may also be required to participate in relevant exercises and regular preparedness training.

Joint Information System

The Joint Information System (JIS) integrates incident information and public affairs into a unified organization that provides consistent, coordinated, accurate, timely, and complete information to the public and stakeholders during incident operations.