Public Swimming Pools

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There are more than 1,250 public swimming pools in Wake County. These include city municipal pools, apartments, condominiums, subdivisions, home owner associations, clubs, etc. The local Health Department is required to inspect and permit public swimming pools prior to opening each season. 

Subsequent inspections are conducted by summer employees. Year-round pools are inspected throughout the year.

Pools are closed immediately due to safety violations such as no disinfectant in the pool or the presence of algae, bacteria, fecal material or glass.

Private pools at homes are exempt from the rules.

Annual Swimming Pool Inspection

On April 1st, seasonal pools can request an opening inspection. Use the list below to verify payment has been received and to locate the inspector for your swimming pool to schedule an inspection.

View the 2021 Swimming Pool List. (List will be updated with inspector assignments April 1, 2021)

Pool Billing/Fees

Annual Fees – Be sure you pay your swimming pool fees each year. The cost for the annual operation permit is $300 and can be paid online.

Pay Online Now! (Credit card or e-check accepted) 

Re-inspection Fees – During the pool season, if your swimming pool fails the permitting inspection, a $75 re-inspection fee is required prior to a second permitting visit. To pay this fee, you will need to be invoiced. Please complete the following steps:

  1. Create an account in the Permit Portal
  2. Call 919-856-7400 and choose Option 8 to speak with an agent to have invoice uploaded to your account.
  3. Pay the fee online.

Plan Review (New or Remodeled Swimming Pools)

Plans for new or remodeled swimming pools can now be submitted online. Click the link below to the Permit Portal to begin the application process. There is a $250 plan review fee due at the time of submittal.

Submittal Guide - This can be used to assist with the online application.

Permit Portal 

Pool Operators

All public swimming pool operators must be certified by Wake County and either the Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA) or the American Swimming Pool and Spa Association. Contact this office at 919-856-7400 for testing times and information for Wake County certification. The test is based on Wake County Swimming Pool Regulations.


List of current Wake County Certified Pool Operators 

Main Drain Compliance (VGB)

Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act (VGB)

Swimming pool main drains must be VGB compliant. Wake County requires a VGB compliance letter or a Pool Drain Safety Compliance Data Sheet from a North Carolina registered Engineer or Architect for each public swimming pool, wading pool and spa when the original drain covers/grates are replaced at the end of their useful life rating. These documents must be signed and sealed by a NC registered Engineer or Architect upon submittal to Wake County. Submit new certification documents for review by emailing them to [email protected]

To view the VGB expiration dates for all pools, click the link below. This list is current as of March 5, 2021.

VGB Expiration List


Environmental Health staff investigates complaints received from the public alleging sanitation deficiencies and safety concerns associated with public swimming pools located in Wake County.

Please note that all information received by this office, except for reports containing medical information, are public records and can be reviewed by anyone making a request to view the record.​