Get Involved

Become a Precinct Official

You can do more than just vote! Complete the online application and receive information about becoming a paid Precinct Official today.

You will receive an invitation to attend a Welcome Session where we will go over with you the requirements, walk you through a typical Election Day, and answer any questions or concerns you may have. We will also give you information about working at an early voting site.

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Become a MAT Team Member

Join the MAT Team! Assist voters in your community by helping them to request and cast their absentee by mail ballots!

This is a very rewarding opportunity where a multipartisan group of volunteers visit voters in adult care homes, hospitals, or clinics who do not have near relatives or guardians who would be able to help them in requesting and casting their vote. 

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Become a Student Election Assistant

Want to help your community and learn about elections? Become a Student Election Assistant! Complete the online application and receive information about becoming a Student Election Assistant today.

Student Election Assistants serve at polling places on Election Day and help facilitate the voting process. Student Election Assistants have similar responsibilities as Precinct Officials and are compensated in the same way.

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Conduct a Voter Registration Drive

Help your community get registered to vote for upcoming elections by conducting a voter drive!

We provide the forms and information for how to complete the forms and when they should be returned. You can pick up your forms at our office or you can complete a form to order larger quantities of forms. 

Voter Registration Drive Information