Feral Farm Friends - Barn Cat Program

Ferrel cat stalking prey

Saving the Lives of Stray & Feral Cats! 

The Wake County Animal Center's Barn Cat Program offers an easy and humane way to save the lives of stray and feral cats that aren't tame enough for the adoption floor. Through this program, stray and feral cats are given the opportunity to find a new job and live an enjoyable outdoor life ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!

How it works

YOU provide: farm, barn or warehouse as a home and cat food

CAT provides: rodent control!

Wake County Animal Center provides:
spay/neuter, vaccination, application of flea/tick treatment and tip the left ear*

*a tipped left ear is the universal symbol of a sterilized community cat

Cost:  $0

Knowing you saved a life:  PRICELESS!

  • Please note that the Wake County Animal Center will determine which cats at our facility will be a good fit for the Barn Cat Program. Only stray and feral cats may be eligible for the program.  The Wake County Animal Center does not perform spay or neuter surgery on privately owned animals.
  • Our goal is to save cats from euthanasia.