​Is my information confidential?
Yes. We will not ask for your name or any other details that identify you.

Who’s leading this effort?
This is a collaborative effort among Wake County Human Services; WakeMed Health & Hospitals, Duke Raleigh Hospital and UNC Rex Healthcare;  Advance Community Health (formerly known as Wake Health Services); United Way of the Greater Triangle; Alliance Behavioral Healthcare, Youth Thrive and Wake County Medical Society Community Health Foundation.

The process is overseen by a steering committee made up of more than 60 community partners including local government, hospitals, schools, faith-based organizations, non-profit organizations, businesses and other stakeholders.

How often do you conduct this survey?
The CHNA is done every three years. Here is a link to the 2016 assessment. In the interim years, Wake County publishes the State of the County's Health (SOTCH) Report. The SOTCH Report provides information on the health status of the county, based on the action plans and priorities established as a result of the CHNA.

What does the CHNA have to do with the Population Health Task Force?
The Population Health Task Force presented the Board of Commissioners with a report detailing recommendations for how we can improve the health of ALL members of our community. These CHNA will join with members of the Task Force to put these strategies into action.

Who can I contact for more information?
You can reach Lechelle Wardell at Wake County Human Services via email at lwardell [at] wakegov.com or by phone at 919-212-7858.