If you meet certain income guidelines and cannot afford private well water testing, Wake County may be able to help.

Through February 29, 2020, households with incomes up to 2.5-times the federal poverty level can have their well water tested at no cost. Use the following table to see if you qualify:

​Persons in Family/Household ​Maximum
​1 $31,225
​2 $42,275
​3 $53,325
​4 $64,375
​5 $75,425
​6 $86,475
​7 $97,525
​8 $108,575

How do I apply?

Your completed affidavit must be notarized by a registered Notary Public. The N.C. Secretary of State maintains an online database of local notaries. Wake County also provides free notarization services at the following locations:
Mail your completed application and notarized affidavit to:
Wake County Environmental Services
Well Testing
P.O. Box 550
Raleigh NC, 27602

When we are ready to test your well, we will notify you at the phone number listed on your application.