*Permits are Required for all Well Abandonments and Repairs*


Refer to North Carolina State Regulations for complete requirements on well abandonment.

A. Temporarily Abandoned Wells

  1. Upon temporary removal from service or prior to being put into service, the well shall be sealed with a watertight cap or seal compatible with the casing and installed so that it cannot be easily removed by hand.

  2. The well shall be maintained whereby it is not a source or channel of contamination during temporary abandonment.

B. Permanently Abandoned Wells

By giving WCDES 24 hours notice and obtaining a permit, only the property owner or a certified well contractor registered with Wake County may abandon a well.

  1. The casing in any well to be permanently abandoned shall be grouted in accordance with these rules, or the casing shall be removed.

  2. The entire depth of the well shall be sounded by the persons abandoning the well before it is sealed, to ensure freedom from obstructions that may interfere with sealing operations. The well shall be thoroughly disinfected prior to sealing.

  3. Wells constructed in consolidated rock formations or that penetrate zones of consolidated rock may be filled with cement, sand, gravel or drill cuttings opposite the zones of consolidated rock. The top of the sand, gravel or cutting fill shall be at least five (5) feet below the top of the consolidated rock. The remainder of the well shall be filled with cement only.

  4. Bored wells or dug wells shall be completely filled with cement grout, dry clay or material excavated during construction of the well.

  5. Test wells less than twenty (20) feet in depth, which do not penetrate the water table, shall be abandoned in such a manner as to prevent the well from being a channel allowing the vertical movement of water or a source of contamination to the groundwater supply.

  6. Any well that acts as a source or channel of contamination shall be repaired or permanently abandoned within thirty (30) days.

  7. The well contractor shall permanently abandon any well in which the casing has not been installed, or from which the casing has been removed, prior to removing equipment from the site.

  8. The owner shall be responsible for permanent abandonment of a well except as otherwise specified in these rules, or if well abandonment is required because the well contractor improperly locates, constructs or completes the well.

  9. The property owner or certified contractor abandoning any well will give a minimum 24-hour notice to the Environmental Health Division prior to the permanent abandonment procedures and receive a Wake County Permit #.

  10. Refunds of $200 of the application fee for a new or replacement well permit can be issued by the County upon proper abandonment of pre-existing wells. In order to qualify for the refund the new well must complete all required inspections including water testing. Before the refund is issued the County must receive a completed well abandonment record and written notice of the refund request.