Down-hole video inspections are used primarily for the enforcement of the Wake County regulations governing permitting, construction, repair, inspection, sampling and abandonment of wells. The video inspections are normally performed on wells two years old or less.
Private companies will also, for a fee, perform the camera operations on new and older wells. These include:
  1. E.G.I.S / Mike Vaught: 919-929-8363
  2. Jon Poole: 919-266-2185
  3. N.W. Poole Well Company: 919-266-9223 
  4. The Water Specialist: 919-732-1578
  5. Woodall's Pump Sales: 919-773-2275
  6. Dennis' Well & Pump Service, Inc.: 919-362-9546
For more information on down-hole video inspections, please call Wake County Environmental Services at 919-856-7400.