Wake County Environmental Services encourages any property owner with a well that is no longer in use to properly plug it to protect water quality and to prevent injuries or worse. 

If you have taken an old well out of service and don't have a specific plan for how you will use it in the future, it is best to go ahead and plug the well now to prevent future problems.

A homeowner may legally abandon a well on their own property, but the process is often more complex than most homeowners expect. We encourage you to hire a certified well contractor so that your well abandonment can be done efficiently and without complications. A certified well contractor will be experienced and equipped to handle complications that often arise in plugging a well. 

Regardless of who does the work, state rules governing well abandonment must be followed to protect water quality and ensure a safe abandonment. To ensure safety and protection of water quality, well abandonment requires a permit from Wake County and an inspection by the county during the abandonment process. There is no cost for the permit or inspection.

Please see the following references for more information about abandoning a well: