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Groundwater Protection and Wells

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Wells and Onsite Wastewater

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The Groundwater Protection and Wells Section of Wake County Environmental Services helps private well users get safe drinking water by enforcing Wake County’s ordinances related to construction, repair, and abandonment of private water supply wells and by providing water testing, technical assistance, outreach, and education to owners and users of existing private drinking water wells.

What do you want to do?

Get my well water tested or learn more about well water testing

Look up water test results for my well

Understand how to treat common well water problems

Find a well contractor

Register a water supply well

Find educational resources for private well users

Learn what to do about a flooded well

Learn about requirements for abandonment of wells

Look up fees for well permits

Find out about the inspection process for new wells 


Well Regulations & Policy Well Permit Applications
Forms/ Guides Investigations/Studies 

Questions? Call Wake County Environmental Services at 919-856-7400 or visit the Groundwater and Wells Contact page.



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