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iMAPS provides instant, easy access to information about wells and septic systems in Wake County. iMAPS offers a map-based interface to show estimated and some field verified well locations around the County and allows users to view water analysis results of samples collected by Wake County Environmental Services.

Wake County Environmental Services' Water Quality Division and Geographic Information Services have teamed up, using the latest technology, to bring this important service to the public. Providing access to water quality data is a key part of the County's strategy to ensure a safe supply of drinking water for Wake County residents now and in the future.

Homeowners and prospective homebuyers, builders, contractors, real estate professionals and environmental consultants can use iMAPS to find data on individual wells. Searches can be done by permit number, owner name, address or parcel ID number. Users can also zoom in on the map and select a property.

Currently, the system contains only information on wells installed since 1998 or those for which Environmental Services has been requested to perform water quality analysis.

For more information or help interpreting water analysis results, please call Wake County Environmental Services at 919-856-7456.




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