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How To Access Water Analysis Results In iMAPS

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Search for a Parcel by Owner, Address, REID or PIN:

Click the Water Analysis Button
If the Wake Well database contains a well record for the property
(estimated or field verified), the button for Water Analysis will appear
below the property information:

Click on the Water Analysis button to see sampling results:

Well Points
View well points on the map:
Click on Show Additional Layers (lower right)

Turn on Wells in the Environmental category (Scroll down the Layer List on the right)
Please note that most well points are located on the center of the parcel (estimated), NOT the actual well location on the property

Well Construction Data
Currently well construction data is available for many wells constructed after 2003. 
With the Wells layer turned on:
Click the Identify Tool
Click on the Well on the map

What do the Different Colors of the Well Points mean?

The wells are pictured on the map as circles, using three different colors:
Potable Use (drinking water) wells are blue
Utility wells are light green
N/A (Not Available) yellow dots are wells for which we do not yet have a value indicating type in the database. We estimate these are Drinking Water wells.
Additional Tip - Searching for a Property
If you do not know the Owner, Address, PIN or REID of a property, you can select a parcel using the Select Parcel Tool:
Zoom to an Area and use the Select Parcel Tool to Select a Parcel
Choose Point & then click on the parcel:

Need more information about wells?
Contact Wake County Environmental Services at 919-856-7400.
Need help using iMAPS?
Call GIS Customer Service at 919-856-6360.



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