Wake County has been divided into 7 watershed work areas for reviewing and inspecting development projects and evaluating water quality. Use the map above to locate your watershed manager...or go to IMAPS, find your property and then load the layer for Watersheds (under the Environmental Layers).

Watershed Manager​ ​River Basin - Subwatershed ​Phone ​Email
Debra Ryals, CPESC​ Neuse – Marks Creek, Buffalo Creek, Little River, Moccasin ​​Creek 919-842-7142​
Kathryn Hobby, REHS​ Neuse – Falls Lake​ ​919-369-4190
Glenn Johnson, REHS​ Neuse – Lower Neuse​ 919-868-6411 ​
Betsy Pearce, CFM, CPSWQ​

Cape Fear – Jordan Lake, Harris Lake, Neills Creek

Black Creek (Neuse) ​

Charles Phillips​ Neuse – Swift Creek  ​ 919-796-8769​
Jennifer Mitchell​ Neuse – Middle Creek ​ 919-868-6415​
Shawn Springer,   EI​ Neuse – Crabtree Creek, Walnut Creek, Lower Neuse 919-369-6135​
Melinda Clark​
Stormwater Programs Manager​


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